Shoe and clothing stores


Germaine Collard and her granddaughter Christiane Maillen

Our retailer, Germaine Collard, stands out in the Belgian retail landscape with its 10 stores of shoes and fashion accessories, strategically located in Belgium to offer an unparalleled shopping experience to women, men, and children. Our reputation is built on the diversity and trendiness of our selections, bringing you the latest in shoes, clothing, leather, and even home decor.

At Germaine Collard, we are proud to collaborate with over 300 renowned brands, guaranteeing impeccable quality and a variety of styles to suit all fashion tastes and needs. Among our partners, you'll find prestigious names such as Tamaris, Hogan, Ralph Lauren, Veja, Gabor, UGG, Nero Giardini, Clio Goldbrenner, Ba&Sh, Essentiel Antwerp, Xanders, Vila, Longchamp, and many others, reflecting our commitment to offering only the best in international fashion.

Our unique concept combines a vast store of shoes and a space dedicated to clothing and accessories, making our outlets preferred destinations for those looking to enrich their wardrobe with ease. Every visit toGermaine Collardis a promise of discovery and inspiration, with carefully designed spaces for a pleasant and productive shopping experience.

To discover our company history and learn more about our 10 stores of shoes and fashion accessories in Belgium, we invite you to click here. Experience Germaine Collard and join our community of satisfied customers, looking for quality, trend, and affordability.